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Cashmere Touch

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For a silky, smooth and velvety texture underfoot, Cashmere Touch nylon carpets offer a magnificent look and feel and are available in several pile variations. Each carpet range feels remarkably soft, almost reminiscent of the softest cashmere. This ultra-soft collection is divided into 13 stylish ranges. This means you can choose from a range of colours, designs and fibre options, allowing you to find the perfect option for your carpet’s location and the wear and tear the room will endure.

Carpets within the Cashmere Touch range feature either white nylon fibres or solution dyed nylon (SDN). With SDN relying on adding colour while the fibre is in liquid form, it lends the carpet a new level of stain resistance and fade performance. And, is often touted as a breakthrough material in carpet construction.

In terms of modern innovations, the white nylon ranges come with Signature’s Colour Gard® technology, which exhibit the best UV and fade protection under the sun. What’s more, the carpet is robust and heavy-duty, ensuring it can withstand foot traffic in a busy household.

How does Colour Gard® Work?

Our exclusive treatment bonds permanently to the fibre during manufacturing. This creates a colour shield that protects it from fading. What this means is your super-soft white nylon carpet will continue to look good for the entirety of its lifetime. And, you can let the sun in without stressing about your carpet’s look.  Beautify your spaces with an ultra-soft floor covering that stands up to the everyday pace of modern life.

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