The beauty of European parquet is a luxurious feature in any home.

European Oak parquet is the most luxurious timber floor you can have in your home. Parquet is engineered timber that is a stable, dense substrate, ensuring optimum performance and resilience – a fact the French have known for centuries.

Parquet is famous worldwide for its enhanced ability to remain in shape in various climatic conditions – which solid timber can’t do. What’s more, it exudes warmth and character, lending timeless appeal to your property.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style oak floor, Signature timbers offer a wide range of options to choose from. These collections can be installed with underfloor hydro heating to a maximum of 21C. Plus, these European style oaks are sourced from certified sustainable forests.

Timber Flooring Features



Oak parquet planks use only a fraction of the valuable hardwood timber species compared to solid timber planks, making them a sustainable choice in flooring. All Signature Timbers have international certifications and initiatives that promote sustainable forestry management. Timbers also comply with the strictest international standards – ISO 16000 – for indoor air quality emissions.


There are many advantages to parquet timber:

Stability: Because the parquet is mounted onto a solid baseboard, it keeps its shape under most conditions. Solid timber can shrink and expand with a change in climatic conditions.

Underfloor Heating: Parquet planks are dimensionally stable and can be installed on top of underfloor hydro heating. Solid timber floors are not stable and cannot be installed with heating.

Multi-Layer: The top layer of hardwood timber is fixed to a solid core and a base layer, forming an incredibly strong plank. Using the stability and durability of the core and base layer, even large planks remain dimensionally stable, unlike solid timber.


Techniques used in creating Signature Timber planks are the same used for centuries across Europe. Today, talented artisans still use hand filling and finishing to feature knots and cracks for an aged-look full of character. Using brushes and hand saws, the natural grain of the wood and is accentuated, adding texture to each plank. Smooth planks are also hand finished with a light brush for a more refined surface.

Some oak boards are ‘smoked’ using a special vapour that reacts to the tannins in the wood. This ageing process darkens the wood and further brings out the natural grain.

Signature is proud to foster the skills of true artisans whose skills can still be enjoyed in Australian homes.


Protective lacquer finishes use new technology to produce timber surfaces that are hard, more durable and more able to resist scratching. The lacquer bonds to the top of the timber to form a hardened protective layer, making them easier to clean and requiring much less maintenance. Signature Timbers offers both Bona Cure UV lacquer and Ultimtec® soft touch lacquer.


V-Groove: Precision shaping of Signature Timbers delivers more benefits. 4 sided V-grooves highlight each plank, whilst 2 sided V-grooves give the appearance of longer lines.

Core: Hight density fibreboard provides excellent dimensional stability and withstands the rapid change in temperature and humidity that exists across Europe and Australia. Signature Timbers feature quality, high density cores ensuring optimum quality control and performance. Hevea – used in a selection of Signature ranges – is a naturally sourced and renewable wood derived from rubber trees and is an excellent core material for its mechanical strength and stability.

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