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Birman - Cashmere Touch

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6 Star Birman carpet from Cashmere Touch is an exceptional floor covering for your home. Let’s explore why? With a 40oz fibre weight, carpets feel wonderfully plush and soft underfoot. Plus, with a twist pile construction, the carpet is automatically more durable, especially, in high-traffic spaces in your home. What makes Birman an excellent choice is that you can pick and choose from a range of colour options. The variety makes great design sense, particularly when it comes to picking floor coverings that align with your room’s interior theme. We highly recommend it to add pizzazz to your bedrooms, living and dining areas.

The added benefit of choosing this Cashmere Touch carpet is that its fibres are treated with Colour Gard®. This is a unique treatment that bonds permanently to the carpet’s fibres during the production process. It creates a shield that ensures the carpet resists fading when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. So, if you’re worried about carpets fading in sunny bedrooms, you can cast your fears aside.

Overall Birman carpet is extremely easy to clean, stain-resistant and child-friendly. Take your private spaces from workable to homely with this beautiful home flooring product by Signature. For more details view our technical guides below. Or, use the Floor Visualiser (on the top right of this page) to view your favourite Birman colour in your room.

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