Luxurious waterproof floors designed for New Zealand homes

Hybrid flooring combines the best of laminate and vinyl planks. As a result, you get exceptionally durable and 100% waterproof floors. This also makes hybrid planks a popular solution to use in every room in your home.

Signature’s on-trend oak designs echo timber’s elegance but without the many drawbacks of fading, warping and swelling. What’s more hybrid flooring is manufactured with a solid core that keeps each plank stable when laid.

Typically, traditional vinyl flooring tends to peak when subjected to heat, while real timber could fade and shrink. Hybrid planks are waterproof and suitable for use in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. This gives your home a unified flow from one area to another.

Hybrid flooring features a multi-layer Quartz enhanced PUR coating. This ensures your floors resist heavy foot traffic, indents, scratches and scuffs. It’s no wonder then that hybrid is ideal for busy family homes and their pets.

The extra dense, rigid, stable core is the key to its extraordinary performance. Free of harmful content, this core is made of up to 80% natural limestone. Thus, rendering it sturdy and sound absorbent too. Planks have an inbuilt underlay for added acoustic performance. This makes it an excellent choice to minimise the noise in second storey homes and multi-rise apartments.

Did you know?: Hybrid flooring remains flat and stable under 80°C testing, ensuring that it will perform in large, sun-exposed areas of your home. Relax and let the sunshine in.

Hybrid Features


hybrid is fade and heat resistant

Planks are designed to withstand the effects of harsh sunlight. Your floors won't lift or warp even under extreme conditions.

hybrid is waterproof

Hybrid’s unique construction makes it 100% waterproof. This particular feature makes it ideal to use in areas with high moisture levels like bathrooms, kitchen, laundries and entryways.

hybrid is beautiful

Find planks in different designs, lengths and weights to align with your individual needs. XXL 1.8m long planks provide a more luxurious result, making a room or corridor appear larger and longer.

Why Signature Floors

Signature Floors’ product development process emerges from an understanding of the customer’s needs combining it with the possibilities of a project.

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