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How to choose a carpet that’s right for your home?

Not all carpets are created equal and not every carpet serves the same needs. A good place to start is by thinking about your lifestyle and home goals.

Start with questions like: Do I have an active home with kids or pets? Will there be a lot of foot traffic and spills? How do I feel about maintenance? Factor in your interior design, colour schemes and don’t forget to compare carpet fibres to see what works in your home. Explore the features, benefits and budget details to really narrow down from the hundreds of carpet options you’ll typically encounter.

At Signature, we work with manufacturers from all over the world to develop effects that enhance the feel, performance and longevity of the most beautiful carpets, even under the toughest of conditions. Based on your requirements, you could choose from materials like nylon, pure wool, polyester, SDN and polypropylene across a variety of carpet pile types. Plus, thanks to modern technology – treatments are now available to suit specific types of installations.

Use our Carpet Guide to evaluate your options when selecting the perfect carpet for your home.

Carpet Features

Features Carpet Pile Types

Pure Wool

Natural wool is a luxurious choice of material for your residential carpet. Tactile and soft, wool is renowned for its ability to resist dirt. The fabric is also a natural flame-retardant. With care, wool has the potential to last a lifetime, maximising the ROI on your flooring investment..


Nysoft™ is found in all premium Signature carpets. This is an ultra-soft new-age nylon yarn. Some of nylon's greatest attributes are its easy cleaning and stain-resisting properties. This makes it particularly suited for busy families and pets.


Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is a man-made nylon fabric dyed throughout the yarn to its core. This lends it a new level of stain resistance and fade performance. A breakthrough material in carpet construction.


The most popular carpet construction involves tightly twisting the cut fibres together to create a more robust result. Ideal for heavy traffic areas. Twist pile carpets also have a more textured appearance compared to a plush pile carpet.


As the name suggests, fibres are formed into little loops and stuck to the backing. This construction lends carpeting durability and helps it hide dirt easily. Loops can be tall, short, tight or loosely constructed. Loop pile carpets offer a smoother surface.


Soft and luxurious, plush pile carpets are cut to a uniform height for a smooth and sleek finish. They can be made using both wool and synthetic fibres and have a silky, velvety appearance.


Unlike tufted carpets, the woven style involves interlocking the pile and backing yarns for added durability and a plush look and feel. Weaving is a traditional carpet construction method using looms with patterns woven into the carpet – also popularly known as Axminster.

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