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Vinyl plank designs have gone from strength to strength, which means as homeowners, you no longer need to choose between good looks and durability in flooring. With Timbarra vinyl plank flooring you can have it all! Think style, class and contemporary flair in your home balanced with vinyl’s enduring resilience and performance.

Emulating wood flooring’s warmth and character – Timbarra elevates your private spaces. What’s more, it’s available in 10 true-to-life references in Aussie species and oak designs, offering choice and versatility in home interiors. This luxury vinyl flooring range feels soft underfoot, is waterproof and also scratch and stain-resistant. The perfect flooring solution for today’s busy lifestyles.
As a homeowner or investor looking to give your spaces a quick upgrade, Timbarra makes for an excellent flooring choice. To begin with, the 5-layer construction ensures that planks are long-lasting and durable. They also mimic wood’s natural grains and colours to perfection with top-notch printing technology.

These timber and oak inspired designer planks also feel soft underfoot. By absorbing the room’s ambient heat better than ceramic tiles – they tend to feel warm and comfortable to step on as well, even with bare feet. Timbarra vinyl plank flooring offers an easy upkeep routine. A quick sweep or mop is all it takes to keep this luxury vinyl flooring looking top-notch. The robust top layer offers protection from stains, scratches, spills and holds up exceptionally well to a steady stream of feet, toes and paws.

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