Why choose wool carpets for your home?

Wool carpets are synonymous with great textures, naturally blended colours and longevity, and it is no wonder they are so highly sought after.


There is more reason to look for wool carpets in your home besides its luxurious appeal. With the gradual awareness of environmental hazards, depletion of natural resources, and irresponsible procuring, making responsible purchases now rules supreme. Many people and companies are slowly taking steps to make conscious business and lifestyle choices to slow the process of global warming and leave a better world for future generations.


According to a recent study, customers between the age group 25- 42 are enquiring to make purchases that are healthy and safe for their homes and environment. While Gen Xs aged 10-25 are becoming aware of finding a connection between the growing detriments in the environment and efforts in bringing changes to slow it down.


Here are some reasons why having wool carpets in your home shows your taste for luxury and your choice for sustainability and high functionality.


The pros of having wool carpets in your home are:


Renewable materials


Unlike synthetic fibres produced with petroleum-based chemicals, wool carpets are woven from renewable resources attained from sheep and other mammals. As a result, the manufacturing of wool carpets does not negatively impact the environment because of their natural and biodegradable properties, less energy consumption, and less or no usage of dyes. Signature Wool, our flagship collection of wool carpets, is available in neutral shades of beiges, charcoals, and browns. It offers a broad range of wool carpets derived from 100% New Zealand and 100% European wool. A few of the ranges are constructed from undyed wool, making them environmentally conscious.

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Amongst the many wool carpets available across the globe, New Zealand wool is one of the most popular. This is because the climate, fresh water, clean air, and grass grown in healthy and nutritious soil provide the perfect environment to graze the animals to produce high-quality wool. After all, well-fed sheep produce superior-quality wool!




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Wool carpets make for a sustainable choice because of their durability. They are constructed from natural fibres; they do not subject to matting and flattening quickly. Sometimes you may notice flattening, which can occur because of high-foot traffic or heavy furniture, but rest assured, a quick vacuum will help it retain its original form. Due to the properties of the naturally derived fibre, the carpets spring back to life, looking new as ever. Compared to other carpets, wool carpets also last you longer. In addition, Signature Wool carpets come with a warranty of up to 20 years, re-establishing their durable traits and encouraging you to make a choice that will restrain you from making multiple purchases every few years. 




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For most people suffering from an allergy or asthma, carpets are considered to aggravate their condition as they have a tendency to collect dust and pollutants contaminating the indoor quality of air. On the contrary wool carpets are hypoallergenic. This is because their natural fibres act like filters and air purifiers blocking dust and dirt from penetrating and settling at the bottom of the carpet, making it easy to clean with only a vacuum cleaner.




Wool carpets are excellent insulators. They keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer, controlling your energy consumption. Natural dehumidifiers absorb 30% of their weight in moisture, retaining the room temperature and humidity. Wool carpets are also fire resistant, which means they extinguish by itself once the source of fire is doused, making them a safe flooring choice. These hardwearing carpets are also slip-resistant for a home with multigenerational family members, which reduces the possibilities of any accidents. Their cushioned surface also provides for a quieter home. They are ideal to be installed in areas like your bedroom, living room, home office or staircase.


Choose the right wool carpet


There is a huge demand for wool carpets, and if you have chosen to have one for your home, you couldn’t have made a better choice. However, you must be aware of the variety of wool carpets available and the factors you need to consider bringing home a carpet that suits your requirement. If you have chosen the carpet, it is worth researching the fibre, weave construction, pile weight and height, and the warranty it comes with. Remember, the heavier the carpet is, the more hardwearing it is, and the lower the pile height is, the easier it is to clean and vacuum.



Signature Floor’s wool carpets are made from premium quality 100% New Zealand and European Wool. Offering a broad range of textures, designs and colours, the pile weight varies between 30 and 80 oz. Their pile height ranges from 6mm to 18mm, making them durable and comfortable underfoot. Unlike the standard 3.66 m width carpets available on the market, Signature produces a 4m width that allows you to lay it seamlessly in bigger areas. The premium quality wool is derived from New Zealand and Europe, giving them a star rating between 5 and 7.



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