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Glades - Genero - Choices Flooring Exclusive

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Genero Glades showcases the timeless elegance of captivating oak designs, tailored to complement any interior style. Crafted with a perfect fusion of aesthetic appeal and robust performance, ensuring resilience against stains and scratches.

Genero Glades’ heavy-duty PUR layer ensures that your flooring retains their beauty, even against everyday wear and tear. Built to withstand the demands of busy homes, Genero Glades is ideal for those seeking an option to stand the test of time.

The exceptional water-resistant design protects floors from life’s unpredictable mishaps while the proven P3 slip resistance means you can move about your home safely and confidently.

Our Genero Glades luxury vinyl tiles not only mirror the charm of wood planks but also prioritise sustainability. Look no further than our GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified flooring, offering both eco-consciousness and enduring quality.

Maintaining the allure of your flooring is a breeze so that you have more time to revel in floors that combine both beauty and functionality.

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