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Discover our new Enchantia Collection, where softness and exceptional value come together to create a sanctuary of comfort in your home. Experience the feel of beautifully crafted fibres, offering a level of silky softness unparalleled in PET carpets. Every carpet in this collection features a plush pile, delivering a sumptuous underfoot sensation that encourages relaxation and ease within your home.
Uncover the modern designs that make Enchantia the ideal, affordable flooring choice for families. Turn your home into a cosy retreat with our high-quality PET carpets, all without breaking the bank. Browse our collection below to find your perfect fit.

  • Beltana - Enchantia - Choices Flooring Exclusive

  • Hadleigh - Enchantia - Choices Flooring Exclusive

  • Villura - Enchantia - Choices Flooring Exclusive

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