For designers everywhere, the timeless allure of natural wood continues to reign supreme. Our new Oakwood timber flooring captures the essence of wood’s warmth and unique character and accentuates the alluring beauty of oak. Explore the enchanting world of Oakwood and discover why it’s the perfect choice for your next project.


The unique artistry of nature

Oakwood brings the beauty and authenticity of real wood into your space. With its genuine 4mm hardwood top layer, you can feel the natural charm of oak, a favoured wood species in interior design.

Embracing nature’s arrangement of never-ending patterns, grains and shades of colour, no two planks will ever be the same. Because of this, Oakwood boards are characterised by an A, B, C, D grading. An ‘A Grade’ board is the most refined in appearance. It represents approximately 10% of the timber harvested from the average oak tree and contains very few, if any knots and no sapwood, resulting in a clearer grain with a more consistent appearance. The boards’ appearance and character gradually progress through to ‘D Grade’ boards which are the most varied in colour and grain and allows the most knots and sapwood. Cartons are packed in an assortment of grading.


Respect for our natural resources

Ethically sourced and with longevity in mind, Oakwood is more than just a finished timber board, it is a careful consideration of how the timber is grown and replenished, and an understanding of how the natural resource can be used to maximise the quality of the boards while minimising any waste and reducing the impact on the environment. FSC certification means they are made from well-managed forests overseen by the most recognised and respected international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.


A thoughtfully curated Oak palette

The Oakwood range is a chameleon showcasing the colours, textures and forms found outdoors, allowing us to bring organic natural beauty into our homes and everyday lives. Fifteen enticing design-led tones are enhanced with a refined matte finish, achieved through 8 layers of Teknos UV coating technology – an eco-friendly finish that emits zero VOCs. It’s perfectly durable, easy to maintain, stain resistant, and features a tongue and groove locking system for simple installation.



Oakwood’s engineered timber range is a celebration of the timeless charm and wonder of nature’s imperfections. Crafted with longevity at the forefront of the design and development process, and using best practice in manufacturing, we have prioritised quality, sustainability, and the unique beauty of nature. It’s an enduring investment that will continue to impress for generations to come.

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