Flooring choices for allergy & asthma relief

If you’re considering investing in new flooring this spring, you’re not alone – this time of the year is amazing to spruce up your private spaces. When selecting flooring, you’ll need to naturally factor in elements like pricing, look, feel and maintenance. However, the one thing that does get swept under the rug is ensuring your flooring choices are also allergy-friendly. You see, Spring brings with it a heap of extra pollen, which can be a massive trigger for allergy and asthma sufferers. That’s why improving the air quality of your personal spaces should be top of mind, with flooring options that minimise those triggers.

Residential Flooring - Vinyl Tile and Plank, Arnhem Land, Coolabah Spotted Gum 76804

Vinyl Plank Flooring, Castlemaine, Coolabah Spotted Gum

Getting started

The best place to begin is by creating an indoor environment that supports your family’s health and wellbeing. For instance, large windows that bring in sunlight and allow for adequate ventilation is a great way to improve your home’s air quality. The other option is to be regular with your vacuuming and cleaning – to minimise dust mites and manage those asthma symptoms.

Most importantly, there are hypoallergenic flooring choices that will keep you and your family members breathing easy. So, what are your options?

Allergy-friendly flooring choices

If you love the feeling of a soft carpet underfoot, wool carpets could offer a fitting solution. These natural fibres are hypoallergenic. They’ll also trap dirt and absorb allergens and airborne contaminants to improve air quality levels. Even low-pile nylon carpets are excellent from a cleaning perspective. Ideal as bedroom or home office carpet.

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Carpet Flooring, Cashmere Touch, Charmeuse Amboise 93

Since timber floors do not trap or provide an environment for allergens to gather and thrive in, they’re highly recommended for people with asthma and allergy issues.

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Timber Flooring, Maison Oak

Other hardwood options that make for hygienic choices are laminate and hybrid floors. All you’ll need to do is ensure you vacuum and mop the surfaces regularly to keep dust at bay.  Maintenance of hybrid flooring is hassle-free because hybrid planks are 100% waterproof. You can even steam mop them. Laminates are also water-resistant and effortless to clean.

Hybrid Flooring, Quattro, Sherwood Oak 09

Hybrid Flooring, Quattro, Sherwood Oak 09

Suppose you’re looking for a softer feel underfoot but love the looks of Aussie timbers and oaks. In that case, vinyl planks or sheet vinyl could offer the anti-allergy flooring you need. Vinyl flooring provides the additional benefit of being 100% waterproof making it ideal for laying in all areas of your home.

This Spring, give your home a new lease of life and create a safe and allergy-free haven for you and your family. Not sure how to select, or what will look good? Try using Signature’s online Floor Visualiser to instantly compare, choose and visualise different designs in your home.


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