Prism Planks

Prism Planks

The marvel of light transforming into a vibrant wonder

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Refract - Prism Planks

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As light awaits to be splintered Refract bounces and severs, unravelling the secrets of beauty. A single layer of colour is bestrewn onto Facet Penta as it evolves from a neutral palette to a gradual infusion of colour. With twelve colours to choose from, the range combines well within the pallet, or extend the selection to include Reflect. The freedom to design is enhanced with the introduction of colours from Vivid 202 or Shape by Signature for a minimum order quantity. Extend the textural play by transitioning to the 88 Planks vinyl flooring collection of timbers, stones, or colours. Also, contribute points to WELLS and LCB with GreenTag GreenRate level certification.

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