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Commercial Offices and Modern Workspaces

An adaptive office environment that supports employee efficiency and happiness has emerged as the norm today. Colour, in particular, has surfaced as a popular office design tool to affect mood and productivity levels. Signature offers an assorted range of commercial flooring choices for office spaces to keep up with the evolving trends. These include colour-rich carpet tiles, hardwearing vinyl planks, woven vinyl floor tiles, as well as custom rugs and carpets.


Optimising flooring in the modern office can serve as an effective strategy for employee wellbeing, retention and productivity. In fact, savvy corporations and business owners today realise the overarching impact of human-centred design. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on reimagining office environments by focusing on flexibility, sustainability, and safety to help employees thrive. The open workspace, for instance, provides evidence of how floor plans have evolved in favour of collaboration and growth.

Signature's versatile portfolio is not just a showcase of the latest innovations and design trends but also factors in human experience. For instance, collaboration zones within open environments are easily distinguishable from quiet zones using coloured carpet tiles or planks. Thus, helping users of the space feel and act in alignment with its core functions.

Similarly, for passages and high-traffic breakout areas and kitchens – Signature's vinyl wood planks or woven vinyl tiles offer a hardwearing yet colourful solution. Transition areas, on the other hand, that use textured carpet planks help people navigate and move with a sense of safety and ease. Looking to create a more designer vibe with carpets inspired by nature? Signature’s custom carpet offering has you covered.

Did you know that Safe Work Australia finds slips and trips as the cause of thousands of musculoskeletal injuries at the workplace every year? That's why Signature's flooring solutions come with acoustic and cushion backing options to add walking comfort while also reducing stress caused by noise or the accidental fall. Ultimately, different workspaces have different needs. And Signature's broad portfolio of innovative and fit-for-purpose products serve to transform a variety of modern offices into rewarding workspaces.

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Sustainability Certifications

GreenTag Certification

Green Tag

Signature’s carpet tiles are Green Tag® GreenRate Level A certified, setting a benchmark for environmentally friendly flooring. Additionally, use these flooring products to also contribute points in WELL Building projects.

Declare labels for Signature Floor Products - Carpet tiles, vinyl planks and more


Products also come with a Declare label, which answers questions about their origin, composition as well as details of end-of-life reuse and recycling.
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EPD Signature Floors environmentally friendly flooring. Ecofriendly carpets that are non-toxic to nature

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Interestingly, Signature is the first Australian carpet manufacturer that publishes a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). What’s more, EPDs are available for our Thermo Bak and Comfi Bak carpet tiles.

Signature's Guide to Workplace Flooring

Looking for innovative, sustainable and colourful choices in office flooring for your next project? Our latest guide has you covered. Inside this amazing repository, you’ll find product suggestions as well as rich visual ideas for:

1. Combating foot traffic using hardwearing woven vinyl tiles and vinyl planks

2. Zoning spaces with coloured carpet tiles

3. Creating a culture of wellness with Green Tag certified flooring

4. Completing projects with efficiency within tight timelines

5. Designing custom carpets for bespoke projects

6. Using Shapes for creative wayfinding

Use the guide to also view how our flooring impacts and elevates modern offices. Browse through examples of workplace designs to get an idea of what Signature carpets and hard floors look like when installed. Also find unique ways to go custom with our stocked products, just like our clients have in this guide.

Alternatively, explore flexibility by mixing, matching and layering together flooring products to lend spaces warmth, texture and functional appeal. Finally, find information about acoustic flooring solutions for noise reduction and peaceful working environments.

Here's a list of our top 3 projects:

Benefit from the best in customisation and product variety the flooring industry can offer. So, whether you're looking for hard floors, vinyl planks or custom carpets, we look forward to assisting you with your flooring needs. Finally, click here to learn about the latest trends in flooring design with product recommendations from Signature on our blog. 

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We are committed to delivering the best customisation and service the industry can offer. From hard floors, vinyl planks or custom carpet, we look forward to assisting you with your flooring needs.

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