Custom & Ready-to-Wear Carpets Inspired by Geometry and Shapes

With Dandenong RSL undergoing refurbishment, BSPN Architecture decided to collaborate with Signature Studio to design custom flooring for the venue. Having developed a trusted relationship during a previous project – the architecture studio wanted to work together again. Our brief was to design a custom Axminster carpet inspired by overlapping geometric lines and fragmented shapes.

“BSPN provided us with an overall interiors concept with all the intended finishes. It also included a complete look-and-feel for the refurbishment. Additionally, they supplied carpet inspiration images,” says Vesna Mallia, Textile Designer at Signature Studio. The large-scale placement design in the vibrant café and gaming area boasts a warm and inviting palette. It also incorporates highlight tones of teal and green with highlights of gold. This lends warmth to the venue while also matching the blond-coloured timbers.

Vesna adds, “The bistro area wasn’t renovated. And, that’s where we’ve cleverly used a recoloured ready-to-wear Axminster carpet design to give the space a quick update. What’s more, the pattern and colour choices tie seamlessly with the custom carpet in the café and gaming area. I am pleased with the outcome.”

If you’re looking for more custom carpet inspiration, be sure to check the Studio design book, an excellent repository of design options and opportunities. For more information, reach out on 03 9401 0888 or send an email to today.

Products featured: Signature Studio Custom Carpet, Atomic 616

Designer: BSPN Architecture

Photography: Renee Green Creative

bistro carpet at Danenong RSL, Melbourne

recoloured-ready-to-wear-axminster carpets

recoloured ready-to-wear axminster