Modular flooring magic in Club Auburn

Established in 1962 in Sydney’s western suburbs, Club Auburn recently relocated to a brand-new build. The brief for nettletontribe was to create a range of spaces that would appeal to Auburn’s diverse community. With flooring as an essential design component in the overarching design, they decided to collaborate and seek Signature Studio‘s expertise.

Jack Fillmore, the Studio creative on the project, says,”The concept was to create a range of modular flooring designs that harmonised with the different areas of the club. The designs revealed themselves to be statement pieces within this contemporary hospitality interior. You see, modular flooring is at the forefront of blending commercial functionality with unique visual excitement.”

Interestingly, the designs create a blended, layered appearance that lends itself to high traffic areas. The artworks transform different motifs into scattered abstract patterns that run in a multi-directional fashion across the floors.

Overall, nettletontribe’s design maximises the 2-level floorplan, creating a wide assortment of spaces, each with its own identity.

Products featured: Semi-Custom Modular Carpet Tiles by Signature Studio

Designer: Nettletontribe Architects

Photography: Luc Rémond