Highly durable with superior noise reduction, Woven Vinyl is a luxurious and textured flooring solution

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Elevate your commercial flooring with our collection of WOVN™ Vinyl. Enjoy the benefits of the hardwearing traits of vinyl floors while also visually experiencing the beauty of fabrics and texture. Inspired by nature, each of the ranges is meticulously constructed to mirror the complicated organic designs of its source.

Designed to withstand heavy traffic areas, the WOVN™ Vinyl collection is sustainable and environmentally friendly. With its wide range of colours and designs from the collection, play around with colours from the Fabric-WOVN™ range or emulate the irregular patterns of marble and the deserts in a variety of tones from the Fabric Marble-WOVN™ and Fabric Desert-WOVN™ ranges. It features a felted acoustic comfort backing offering 70% walking noise reduction and 19DB sound absorption, uplifting any commercial area into a quiet and thinking space. Additionally, it is made in Europe to the highest standard.

  • Fabric - Wovn

  • Fabric Desert - Wovn

  • Fabric Marble - Wovn

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