Woven Axminster

Woven Axminster

Combining the tradition of bespoke woven carpet with off-the-shelf convenience.

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Woven Axminster carpet is a designer floor covering that’s ideal for commercial applications and heavy traffic areas. These include public spaces, hotel bedrooms, corridors and function rooms.  For architects and end-users, Axminster carpet is a popular choice from an aesthetic, performance and value perspective. Woven on state-of-the-art looms, carpets ensure unique flexibilities in colours and design. Especially, by bringing alive the most complex designs in high definition. Additionally, the yarn is pre-dyed which makes colours feel deeper and more entrenched. The resultant carpet is luxurious, rich and textured.  What’s more, with pile and backing materials interwoven, woven carpets are incredibly durable. They also retain appearance, withstanding wear and tear in high-traffic settings.

If a designer Axminster carpet is the perfect flooring choice for your commercial project, Signature offers you a plethora of options. Now, get off-the-shelf convenience with Signature’s ready-to-wear (RTW) Axminster carpet. This mean, you’ll be able to give your projects a quick update without the long wait times. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more bespoke, our talented Studio textile designers can help you with a custom design to suit your requirements.

In addition to our RTW woven carpet range, choose from 13 plain and patterned designs from the Classic Minster range. This designer Axminster carpets are specifier’s go-to when hardwearing flooring is paramount. Reach out to the Signature Studio team if you would like assistance in conceptualising your flooring to align with your brand.

  • Axminster Ready-To-Wear

  • Classic Minster - Woven Axminster

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