Raw Elements

Textured, flexible, colour-rich and hardwearing – are just some of the terms that best describe Signature Floors’ latest commercial carpet tile collection. Seeking inspiration from rocks and gemstones – Raw Elements offers flooring choices with a colour palette that is reminiscent of the infinite treasures in the earth’s crust.

Available in two clearly defined ranges – Bedrock & Gemstone – the flooring collection brings together dark, moody and muted tones juxtaposed with dazzling, jewelled hues. Flooring is more textured, reflecting the naturally occurring patterns seen in sedimentary and igneous rocks.

Let’s explore the collection in detail


Like its namesake, Bedrock represents the base or the starting point of all design inspiration in Raw Elements. It features a series of eight neutral and grounded hues in cool to warm base tones. Bedrock exudes comfort with equal dollops of style and function.

commercial carpet tile


The Gemstone range is made up of Gemstone shale and Gemstone basalt, with eight base colours in each. Gemstone’s striking jewelled highlights tie into the subtle shades of basalt and shale to create sophisticated yet adaptable floors that invigorate commercial spaces.

commercial carpet tile

Use Bedrock and Gemstone individually, or combine them. Raw Elements lets you create a range of subtle to bold effects in flooring depending on the space’s functional need. Also, create custom effects by pairing the collection’s colours with Vivid. Or colour the Gemstone range in the Vivid colours. In case you’re after geometric shapes and designs, you could also customise Raw Elements in the 10 Shapes by Signature.

The commercial carpet tile collection also supports wellness, sustainability, safety and comfort in a commercial environment. Contribute to points in the WELL Building Standard with these GreenTag GreenRate Level A certified carpet tiles. Also, enjoy the comfort of quieter spaces with Comfi Bak carpet tiles that absorb up to 30% airborne sound or 32dB impact sound. What’s more, the collection is stocked in Comfi Bak but is also available in Thermo Bak for a minimum.

Looking to complement or create contrast with other flooring choices? Signature’s vinyl flooring or woven vinyl tiles could offer a fitting solution.

Explore what’s possible with this stocked carpet tile collection.  Order a sample today: Raw Elements