Woven vinyl floors for a contemporary workplace in Australia

During their recent collaboration with Signature, design house Intermain specified Signature’s woven vinyl floors. With attributes like sustainability, versatility and durability, the selection made excellent design sense. This commercial modular flooring product offers designers the warmth of woven textiles combined with the performance of vinyl plank flooring. As a result, the floor is automatically rendered more durable and high-performing. 

In fact, Intermain’s selection was also bolstered by the floor covering’s sound-absorbing properties. You see, woven vinyl helps reduce 70% walking noise or absorbs up to 19DB of sound – a key priority in keeping workplaces quieter and employees productive.

The floor colours tie in effortlessly with the furniture, furnishings and light fixtures. Thus, creating a modern and sophisticated workspace that checks every box and then some. Floors are naturally waterproof and slip-resistant, making them an excellent choice for installing in the office kitchen. Coupled with the lack of visible seams, the flooring contributes to a flawless look and feel.

Along with its popularity in workplace projects, woven vinyl is also sought after in education flooring projects. Here’s a stunning colour-blocking project in RMIT Building 8 using Signature’s Wovn vinyl. Also, enjoy flexibility in your projects when you pair it with designer Axminster carpets, wood planks, sheet vinyl or commercial carpet tiles.

Project: 2 Park Street, Sydney

Photography: SimonWhitbread Photo
Products used: WOVN Fabric Vinyl

woven vinyl flooring at 2 Park Street Sydney | choosing commercial floor tiles for workplaces

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